Comment: Cows Belong in Fields

Thanks Nicola for a fantastic comment on our WWF post. She posts the recent Compassion in World Farming video, Cows Belong in Fields, and looks at the comments. Great find!

Nicola’s comment

Looks like Compassion in World Farming was more successful than the attempt by WWF to go viral for animals… almost a million views of their dancing cow video to show how “happy” cows are when outside…

And they’ve got lots of media coverage too…

La Republica
Huffington Post
Right This Minute

Comments interesting…

“Ahhh! I don’t want to eat cow anymore! They’re adorable!!”

directly underneath this comment:

“They look so delicious”

But I guess the video at least gets people thinking / talking about their relationship with cows… one way or the other…

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