The Makers of Sneezing Baby Panda

If like us you thought the original Sneezing Baby Panda clip was taken by someone on holiday or caught quite by chance, you’d be wrong. We were thrilled to hear from the people who took the original footage who found our blog this week. Lesley Hammond of Wild Candy commented on our Contribute. Yes, You! page and we’d like to share her thoughts in full for you to see.

There are many issues here for us to follow up on.

Thanks Lesley!

Hi, we actually own the Sneezing Baby Panda clip. We shot it some years ago whilst we were making a television special on giant panda breeding. It was taken from a broadcast of the programme in Japan without our permission. There is only one site of the hundreds on the net that has our permission to use it. Our position is that if it gives people enjoyment and helps increase awarenss of wild animals and breeding programmes, then it’s okay by us provided the user of the clip isn’t making any money from using it including with paid ads on their site. Our hope is that it might help interest people into looking further into the subject seriously. We’re wildlife filmmakers. We find the one hour slots for wildlife have pretty well gone from television worldwide. Unless it’s big budget programming that can only be done by organizations with resources like the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet etc. television buyers don’t really want serious subject matter. They certainly don’t want anything they regard as sad with wildlife programming. It’s now hard to get anything up that’s more than consciousness raising/awareness of wild animals in their habitat. Even that’s hard enough. The internet is now pretty much the last bastion. BTW we’re in pre-production of a ‘mockumentary’ for cinema release on the life story of Sneezing Baby Panda including his ancestors. It’s to be tongue-in-cheek. We hope it will contribute to awareness of giant pandas and their habitat albeit in a fictious and humouress way. Good luck with your project!

Lesley Hammond.
Wild Candy Pty. Ltd.,
Brisbane, Australia.

Wild Candy

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