One Season; One Minute of Fame

MOONinMIND by Tullio DeSantis

MOONinMIND by Tullio DeSantis

You’ve shared the Sneezing Baby Panda, you’ve laughed at Fenton, you’ve shaken your head at Pancake. What now for these animals immortalised in film?

Short film.

Like summer coming to an end, fame passes with time and interest fades.

Like the pandas on a bus, these animals will only be ‘on trend’ for a short time.

We recently blogged about animals existing as part of a digital energy and showcased a stunning video about the cosmos from artist Tullio DeSantis. Here, we go back to his work and thank him for this inclusion of poetry for Viral Pandas:


Getting rough out here.
The cicadas of late summer are silent.

Their crisp skins, strewn around
mixed with acorns,
lifeless leaves.

My path is crossed by doomed survivors
– old bees getting a final buzz off of their chests
– limping crickets fooled by mid-day sun
– crazy drunken flies in kamikaze loops

The praying mantis I spy
poised on a fire escape downtown
has no religion.

And the green katydid
flying toward me
with impossible wings
is unnerving

These squirrels are way ahead of me.
Summer was just a dream
and they knew it.

by Tullio DeSantis

This fame and recognition, was it all just a dream?

Just a short-lived thread in the World Wide Web.

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