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The Animals Remain Silent

Throughout the course of The Sneezing Pandas Project, an open portfolio piece as an ode to the famous Sneezing Baby Panda video on YouTube, we were led in an ‘otherworldly’ direction; pockets of other worlds on the Internet where animals exist in alien spaces and complex networks. Images of animals and other representations of them have been adapted and moulded to our own tastes.

Fluid in our communal affections.

We explored our own feelings about the Sneezing Baby Panda and associated online animal content through human heads, sculpted from clay. We added water, paper, and personality. We considered the words they might say, the guise they might portray, and their manifestation of the experience of other species.

Others added to the project with their own distinct considerations for our investigation and we thank each and every one of them for contributing. We even heard from one of the owners of the original footage, Lesley Hammond of Wild Candy, and discovered they are currently shooting a feature film about the Sneezing Baby Panda pandemic, such has been its appeal.

We have worked with other artists, great in their work and even greater in their courtesy, allowing us to use their thoughts and ideas to enhance The Sneezing Pandas Project. Thank you.

And what difference could there be? The animals remain silent. Regardless of our artistic nuances or our conversation; our considerations and our talking heads, in fact we cannot find an ‘answer’ – not that there was ever one to find.

Our reasoning is reflected in comments we received this week from mellowhippet in response to our blog about animal voices and a Pancake the cat “meowsic” video:

“The main criticism here is of course, not being able to speak with animals, we speak for them. For me, the most exciting bit of the Pancake one is when he presses on one note for a long time and looks around wildly for the sound. That to me is more authentic than someone who has dubbed meow sounds over Pancake’s behaviour + his immediate environment.”


In essence, we discover only ourselves.

Where the artists behind The Sneezing Pandas Project have worked with, studied, blogged about, and sculpted other animals, these endeavours merely tell us more about ourselves.

Here we begin. If we want change. Movement. Consideration.

To end, we’d like to give the Sneezing Baby Panda a voice. Thanks to Lesley Hammond we now know that the baby panda is a boy. He was born at Wolong breeding centre in China – sadly his mother, Mao Mao, who also features in the video is no longer alive, victim to the 2008 earthquake that hit the region.

Mao Mao

Mao Mao

You can read more about Mao Mao and her son at

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