The Artists

Natalie Gilbert
Writer and online manager

Natalie Gilbert | Viral Pandas

Natalie has worked in Online and editorial in some capacity for sixteen years across many different industries, from advertising to healthcare, financial services to logistics; charities and wildlife film production. She has temped, freelanced, volunteered and worked in many different corporate and non-profit environments, but has always found her feet firmly in language, creation and progress.

In 2004 she spent her year volunteering for animal rescue centres in Sri Lanka, Japan and Venezuela, caring for red howler monkeys, elephants, deer, and more. Her passion for travel increased her passion for photography and in 2007 Natalie left full time employment to gain a First Class Honors Degree in Wildlife & Environmental Photography, undertaking her internship with Getty Images. She won an Undergraduate Dissertation of the Year award for her study of gorillas in literature and on film. Keen to learn more about our perceptions of, and relations with animals, she went on to get her postgrad in Anthrozoology. Natalie formed AnimalTheory in the final year of her degree and uses this blog as the basis for her enquiry in to the human-animal bond. Invariably she learns more about the human condition than anything else, keen to study artistic uses and portrayals of animal beings in modern society, on and offline.

Natalie Gilbert | Photography | Viral Pandas

‘Convenience Food’ by Natalie Gilbert

Natalie is Bobbin About: Spinning Ideas for Communication

Natalie Smithson | Bobbin About | LinkedIn


Katherine M Waters
Sculptor and curator

Katherine M Waters | Viral Pandas

Katherine has been a practising sculptor for almost thirty years and took her MA in Fine Art. She trained with Stuart Osbourne who had previously worked with Jacob Epstein, one of the founders of modern sculpture. Katherine has had many solo exhibitions, awards, residencies and commissions, and her work is held in private collections in the UK, Zimbabwe and Italy. She has worked as an Artist and Educational Advisor for the BBC’s Learning Zone as well as many other accomplished positions that have allowed her to teach, influence and progress this field of art.

In 1985, Katherine completed a two year study at Twycross Zoo with a Western Lowland Gorilla by the name of Assumbo, which inspired work exploring the human-animal bond. Her work is formed from many different mediums and utilises different techniques including life modelling in clay, mould making, acrylic paint, gold leaf on canvas, paper making and recycling – in fact, Katherine can sculpt with just about anything she can get her hands on, there are no limits to her imagination. She has entertained performance art, streams of consciousness, installations, and encourages group participation in her projects to explore the minds and influence of others.

Katherine M Waters | Sculpture | Viral Pandas

‘As Dawkins Puts It’ by Katherine M Waters

Katherine is Corpus Gallery

 Katherine M Waters | Corpus Gallery | LinkedIn

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