Sneezing Pandas Project

The Sneezing Pandas Project was where Viral Pandas all began. It was orchestrated by Katherine M Waters and Natalie Gilbert; a sculptor and a photographer joining together with a mutual fascination for Online and the human-animal bond. The initial brainstorm resulted in an ode to one of the most popular YouTube videos of all time: The Sneezing Baby Panda, which is documented and discussed in Natalie’s essay, Animal 2.0. The Sneezing Pandas Project ran for three months as a portfolio piece and formed the basis for this site, which is now a platform for showcasing and discussing examples of animal representations online.

– Gallery time

Paper Panda | Viral Pandas | The Sneezing Pandas Project

Paper Panda

In the beginning, Katherine’s Corpus Gallery gave us physical space to explore the project and as we mulled over our interests we constructed the paper panda, above, made from the remnants of a Streams of Consciousness project run by Katherine some time before. You’ll recognise the panda ears from the piece below, which was part of that project:

'My Father Was a Very Powerful Man'

‘My Father Was a Very Powerful Man’

We set up a blog page to document our work, adding the original videos that inspired us (Sneezing Baby Panda, remixes of the original, and a WWF spoof), then some of our own using the paper panda and a sewing machine – would Panda live or die? The journey had begun.

– Online Launch

We were interested to know what goes viral and why. Not only this, but what attachments or responsibilities we all might feel for the animals that are recorded or portrayed. How would we find threads and patterns in what we found? After initial explorations, we launched The Sneezing Pandas Project in the ether and invited others to join us.

We blogged through our journey, producing our own work like the Wild Man below:

We also celebrated input from other artists and produced collaborative works:

Our journey is documented on Viral Pandas with posts running from April-June 2012.

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