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Sewing Machine and a Paper Panda

What does a sewing machine and a paper panda have to do with animals and the Internet?

At the beginning of the project we spoke a lot about viruses spreading, spiders webs, and interlinking threads, and wondered if these threads created any patterns. Like a tapestry or like the chains in a spider’s web, do links across the Internet form a sequence? This is something we’ll examine alongside the development of the project.

As these threads form with each new upload or each new Share, what does this mean for the animal featured in the post. Like fame, does the thread feed popularity? Like a placenta, does the digital thread feed interest in the animal – concern, even – to keep it alive? And just like fame, when this interest subsides or when a new star is featured, does the once famous animal suffer at the hands of a fickle fad?

Following our initial brainstorm for the Sneezing Pandas Project, we created a paper panda and dug out an old sewing machine from the back of the cupboard. We connection the panda to the sewing machine and set the scene to music. When the light started to flicker we built this in to the scene. Then, since the sound of a sewing machine drumming felt so melodic, yet threatening at the same time, we recorded a second video using only this sound and the flickering light.

Will panda live or die?

Consider how our online activity affects an animal offline.

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