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Howl: Look and Listen

We recently saw a wolf drawing that is really intriguing. It was posted on Pinterest by Visual Graphic, but drawn by Paul Wischnewskl and posted to his Behance profile. It’s interesting in relation to Viral Pandas in two ways: first, because of the way the image has spread around the Internet, and secondly because we’ve been formulating ideas around animals in the ether – a place where they are almost frozen; framed within a digital window.

Here, it appears that the wolf is trapped in this drawing with pen points pulling at every muscle – pulling at every corner of skin around the jaw and behind the ears.

The wolf will always appear this way and time will change nothing.

Is this wolf unable to howl?

It’s a beautiful image, full of tension, which of course is something we focused on in our influences for The Sneezing Pandas Project.

'Wolf. Size A3.' by Paul Wischnewski

‘Wolf. Size A3.’ by Paul Wischnewski

This image is perfectly matched with The Wolf, a favourite song of Natalie‘s by Eddie Vedder. It needs no words. The song emanates tension and intensity; trappings. It comes from the film, Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn, which covers this very subject. We highly recommend it.

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